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Wheels are to Cars, as Game Engines are to…?

Posted by Overkill on March 24, 2009 at 12:36 am under Uncategorized

Can take a minute to say something?
I am normally quite complacent on the subject,
But I have tortured myself for far too long, and something needs to be said.
I always have aspired to be excellent creator, who would invest years of hard labour into a masterpiece: a car.
Instead, I’ve spent my life do far lower pursuits.
Small imperfections have deterred me from my true passions. So I worked diligently to correct them.
I reinvented the wheel to learn how I could make a wheel of my own.
I worked to improve the inferior wheels, but never received enough praise.
I avoided just using the popular wheels, because they were all made by snobs who want nothing to do with me.
I’ve struggled trying to find a wheel that came close to meeting my very arbitrary needs, but with no success.

I’ve let the wheel get in the way of making a car.

But, there’s a community and politics established around each wheel that has been made.
To leave my poorly designed wheels on the road leaves the people trying to make cars with them out in the cold.
Some of these people who cling on to these rusty wheels are my friends.
These wheels mean a lot to all of us, in our ventures to hopefully eventually make a car.
I wanted to make a car, but my knowledge of wheel-making has caused me untold hours of grief.

My attention to details has gotten to the point where a slightly imperfect wheel causes me to drop all plans to make a car, ever.

All I wanted was to make a car.
Now I’m stuck in lab, with a collection of unfinished gadgets that have nothing to do with cars.

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