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Quest for Colour

Posted by Overkill on April 12, 2009 at 5:50 am under Uncategorized

I remade my first compo game, Quest for Colour for fun this weekend. It was a neat experience. It taught me a lot about my old art and code, and how I’ve improved since then. I had plenty of head scratching puzzle along the way.

Among the improvements was a HUD showing the time limit, bits collected in the current area, and overall completion percentage. Gave the player way way more time. Scrapped the old battle system, and replaced it with a quest to capture all the slimes. Although it’s sort of annoying it’s less so than the battle system that was there.

There was some god awful hideous work-around code, that I commented out and replaced with like one or two lines of new Verge. It shows how both Verge and my coding has evolved.

At any rate, it’s there to download and drool at now.

I can’t say I was fully satisfied with what I’ve done, but I’ve made the thing a little more presentable and thus more playable for everyone. It was a fun diversion. So, go check it out.

UPDATE: Fixed more bugs with the game, and added a difficulty selector. With the addition of hard mode, which IS hard. If you switch maps which you haven’t cleared, all slimes return. Easy mode is the same difficulty settings as last update. Normal mode is slightly more challenging.

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A Ghastly Green Gruedorf Machine

Posted by Overkill on February 2, 2008 at 9:59 pm under Uncategorized

I lost Gruedorf again. Twice more. But I’m still alive, and want to continue work on Resonance! I’ve just finished a map, with lots of grass in it! Man, it was a pain in the ass to plot all those grass tiles down, but it’s done, it’s behind me! Eventually I’ll update it to look less visually bland by adding decorations to overlay the grass, maybe making a parallax scrolling background, and actually having fun things to do and things to shoot.

Get it here.

In this release, I also added in a small amount of interaction with beacons, so you have to find and turn on/off beacons to use/not use them by pressing Up on the keyboard. Z still shoots things, you just need to activate the fusion pistol beacon first. Sometime I’ll add new beacons besides just the map beacon and the fusion pistol thing and things will be more exciting and enjoyable for everybody!

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Enjoy, and hopefully I won’t fail next week, and I’ll see you by then. Later!

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