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I meant to hit the snooze button.

Posted by Overkill on November 5, 2008 at 11:02 pm under Uncategorized

Ahoy! This post was a delayed by two days on account of sleeping when I had planned to post for Gruedorf, and then having a midterm in some icky Differential Equations topics like Lyapunov functions.

Over the weekend, I revamped this website somewhat.

For starters, I changed the banner background to be less harsh. I removed the white glow at the top, and added in another layer of greenish shadow at the top.

I adjusted the sidebar to use fixed font sizes considering it’s a fixed sized box that, and something relative, like 0.6em could look ridiculous on certain browsers.

I got rid of the Trebuchet MS on the text. Instead, we have just plain ol’ Verdana (or sans-serif for fallback). It was sort of getting on my nerves with a few of the letter stylings it did. I figure a more common font might be nicer.

Secondly, I finally posted my old games to the site. Yes, most of the games I’ve worked on are now listed all-nice-like in the Games section of Bananattack (which you could also find on that big honking Games link).

Thirdly, I whipped up a JSON parser in about two nights. It needs to be more thoroughly tested, and it needs a name, which I normally don’t have difficulty with.

It’s a JSON parser for C++, and you know, all the unoriginal namings like “libjson” or “jsoncpp” or “json++” or “cjson” or whatever are already taken, so I can’t throw back to a shortcut. I need a unique name.

I temporarily called it “jsome”, which I guess means like JSON AWESOME EDITION. But that name annoys me, partially because I butchered the original acronym name and made it no longer an acronym. Also because starting with “j” immediately makes me think of a Java-based library, not C++.

I’m in a bit of a rut. Halp.

Oh, and I’m pleased to see that Glambourine isn’t dead, that Grue and Gayo got Sully fighty at long last, that Ustor promises good things in the near future, that Eldritch has some thoughts about character levelling, and that Kildorf drew a sexy, cushioned wooden chair. The rest of you need to stop losing, mmkay.

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Brockoly improvements.

Posted by Overkill on October 27, 2008 at 11:59 pm under Uncategorized

I don’t have much time to talk today, since I have less than 10 minutes until I fail Gruedorf. So I’ll make this quick.

This week, with the help of Kael and andy, I was able to axe some godawful ugly macros from Brockoly’s software blitter code. I turned Color (which was a typedef for unsigned int before) into an inlined first-class object with methods instead of a macro function that returned a Color through bitshifts. I made blending code into an inline interface that implements SoftwareBlender, and all software drawing code on Images now uses templates. This means things should run faster or at the very least be a hell of a lot tidier.

After hearing a voice of reason from Grue, I decided that making my own data language was silly considering that there are existing ones out there that are already much better supported.

Well, kind of. I decided I’d use JSON in my map/sprite/world/tileset formats, but the existing parsers in both C and C++ are really primitive and don’t really cater to someone who wants to load and then poke at the elements. They expect you to parse as you go. And then there were a bunch that looked promising but just plain didn’t compile, or ended up having stupid library dependencies like boost.

So I’m considering writing a JSON parser for next week. Gotta go!

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