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Spreading the webdev love.

Posted by Overkill on July 26, 2009 at 7:06 pm under Uncategorized

Hello!~ ♥♥♥

Yesterday I was bored, and one of my housemates was working on a webpage for fun. So I decided maybe I should try my hand at redoing my website so that it has minimal eyehurt and incorporates some of my colorful artwork.

I drew a rough mockup in pencil (which I scanned for interest’s sake):
Drawing is fun!

Then I cracked open Photoshop and went to town. The end result, is what you see now! Here’s a thumbnail of the result anyways (showing the frontpage which is has a larger, more detailed header):

Just used about 3 layers for each image. A background color layer, an outline layer, and a “coloring” layer sandwiched between (The sky also had a separate ‘cloud’ layer behind the banana but in front of the background). I painted them with the regular brush tool + pick, with a few well colors chosen in advance. Screw smudge and sponging and all those extras. Also didn’t use brush opacity settings.

Oh, and of course, a little bit of fighting with CSS and HTML, but not nearly as much now as I used to!
Today I took my rough prototype and mashed it into a WordPress layout. Was relatively painless since it was mostly CSS changes, and a few elements being shifted around.

Oh, and Kael, Zaratustra, and Andy helped point out the hugeness of my old header through messaging on Twitter. Thanks!

Anyways, that’s all I have to say for now. Games will be mentioned soon, I promise!

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Slight site update

Posted by Overkill on April 7, 2009 at 11:14 pm under Uncategorized

I made a few updates update to Bananattack. Nothing tremendously major, but probably noticeable.

Made the lime green unripe banana color in the header a little less pukey. Sharpened the Banana image moderately to look more crisp. I think both of these things make the top area of the page a lot nicer to look at.

Made the font a bit smaller and not-Verdana, and I actually think this improved the readability of most text here. And I modified the way links are presented, so it’s more obvious from a glance which areas are clickable in my messages.

I also updated my About Page somewhat! Now with moderately more awesome.

Oh, and I realized that my posts weren’t displayed tags at all with my custom template. Fixed that. So now you can ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ at the horrendous categorization metadata you didn’t see before.

That’s all for now. I’m open for suggestions to improve this site more if you have ideas! :D

EDIT: Now with more visible pagination links! And less stupid when there ARE no previous/next pages.


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I meant to hit the snooze button.

Posted by Overkill on November 5, 2008 at 11:02 pm under Uncategorized

Ahoy! This post was a delayed by two days on account of sleeping when I had planned to post for Gruedorf, and then having a midterm in some icky Differential Equations topics like Lyapunov functions.

Over the weekend, I revamped this website somewhat.

For starters, I changed the banner background to be less harsh. I removed the white glow at the top, and added in another layer of greenish shadow at the top.

I adjusted the sidebar to use fixed font sizes considering it’s a fixed sized box that, and something relative, like 0.6em could look ridiculous on certain browsers.

I got rid of the Trebuchet MS on the text. Instead, we have just plain ol’ Verdana (or sans-serif for fallback). It was sort of getting on my nerves with a few of the letter stylings it did. I figure a more common font might be nicer.

Secondly, I finally posted my old games to the site. Yes, most of the games I’ve worked on are now listed all-nice-like in the Games section of Bananattack (which you could also find on that big honking Games link).

Thirdly, I whipped up a JSON parser in about two nights. It needs to be more thoroughly tested, and it needs a name, which I normally don’t have difficulty with.

It’s a JSON parser for C++, and you know, all the unoriginal namings like “libjson” or “jsoncpp” or “json++” or “cjson” or whatever are already taken, so I can’t throw back to a shortcut. I need a unique name.

I temporarily called it “jsome”, which I guess means like JSON AWESOME EDITION. But that name annoys me, partially because I butchered the original acronym name and made it no longer an acronym. Also because starting with “j” immediately makes me think of a Java-based library, not C++.

I’m in a bit of a rut. Halp.

Oh, and I’m pleased to see that Glambourine isn’t dead, that Grue and Gayo got Sully fighty at long last, that Ustor promises good things in the near future, that Eldritch has some thoughts about character levelling, and that Kildorf drew a sexy, cushioned wooden chair. The rest of you need to stop losing, mmkay.

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New Layout

Posted by Overkill on November 12, 2007 at 7:26 pm under Uncategorized

I was bored, so I made my own WordPress template. This was actually one of the reasons I didn’t get any actual Gruedorf stuff done. It was very painful, because WordPress’s API is quite hideous, and on top that, the example template I was using had atrocious PHP (even more abyssmal than normal). But I eventually got it. I think it looks moderately okay. There still some tiny, mostly-trivial tweaks needed. For instance, the image zoom functionality gets cropped by the rounded boxes, and there are images that need to be associated with a no_zoom class. I think some fashion of logo might be in order, too, but I need time to construct it.

I hope that you will delight in this new layout. Now I really should try and get more Gruedorf accomplished. Auf Wiedersehen.


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A New Dawn

Posted by Overkill on October 15, 2007 at 7:21 pm under Uncategorized

Ahoy! It is I, Overkill, the mythical hero spoken highly of in delusional online legends! I am a 19-year old Canadian student in my second year at the University of Guelph, Ontario. I’ve always been creative and moderately talented, or have liked to think so, anyway. Since infancy, I’ve been playing a vast library of video games, and trying to make game ideas into a reality. I learned how to program in Grade 7, and now that I’m much older and wiser, I know a large palette of programming languages and know many ways not to finish a game project.Sadly, I haven’t really done anything notable with any of these talents, because of an encumbering mass of laziness. I guess I made a few demos or something, but do they really count? Pretty much all game projects I’ve had have lasted a maximum of three weeks before they’ve fallen. They were primarily nothing more than learning experiences, because I quickly grew annoyed or discouraged progressing these ideas further. So yes, you could say I’m just a giant mass of wasted talent.


What does a silly nobody like Overkill need a journal then? It’s clear he doesn’t get laid and isn’t making games. Isn’t this just going to turn into a repository of emotional whining about deprival and inactivity?

The answer is uncertain! However, I’m not alone– at least in the latter respect of not making games. In fact, this journal was inspired by McGrue and Kildorf, two of my most hated rivals (also: loved friends), who are currently engaged in fierce and valiant combat! Thrusting at each other with all varieties of magical crystals and sleepy-headed amnesiac protagonists, greater enormities are arising from the midst of this choas! Heroic magical artifacts, called VIDEO GAMES bubble and pop with mystical creative glowing energy. Mr. McGraw and Mr. Peveril are boastfully posting journal entries, and making weekly updates to their games in order to stir up competition and to instill shame in the lazy!

I thought I’d join this cruscade against laziness, and hence this journal! There is still hope. I have yet to decide on my game idea, but I will, soon. I don’t want to die in failure. Wish us all luck, and may this journalized game-makin’ battle yield desirable results!


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