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School definitely crushes productivity, it’s true. But I figure it’s not all a waste. If school is consuming programming time, and some of it seems moderately interesting to me, why not post a Gruedorf about it anyways?

For my Game Development class project, I taught myself some basic 3ds Max stuff this past week so I could start to make some simple lowpoly 3D models. Here’s a start of the model I’ve been working on so far!

The modelling was done with 3ds max. After some frustration in getting polygons to unwrap into nonoverlapping UV regions, I exported the UV Texture Maps and doodled on Paint Shop Pro. It was rather fun. The palette on the guy’s face and hair is shamelessly stolen from my Resonance hero sprite.

My intent is to hopefully make a face paced hack-and-slash + platformer with cube men everywhere. This might change later, when I feel more creative.
In my Computer Security class, I wrote program in Python that would use a dictionary attack to figure out a password that starts with “R”. It used Python’s telnetlib module, because the login was performed remotely over Telnet, and it used the threading module to perform multiple connections. The target server we were attacking certainly wasn’t very secure… Once the protocol was working, it was burning through about 100 words in the dictionary every minute, until it eventually made it up to “retribution”, the winning password phrase.
In my Image Processing class, the assignment was to write a program that rotates an image and uses bilinear interpolation to smooth the pixels.

This was especially easy since I had code left from Brockoly that did image rotation, and it used the Corona library in C++ to load images. I simply scaled back the code so there was less junk, and made it so images could be saved as PNGs.

Corona once again saved the day there, since it has a PNG writer builtin. Very handy. Also very easy, which makes me wonder why we don’t have png saving in Verge yet, since it’s quite simple — only about five lines! Ahem.

So when I was finished, I had a commandline program that could take any input image, rotation (in radians or degrees), scale, and the name of a PNG output file, and do all the processing work. Sexy.
In other news, LuaVerge works again more or less, thanks to Zeromus.

It’s quite different in how the internals are accessed. On the other hand, the internal variable and function things are successfully shared between Lua and VC code. In other words any feature (that’s not a language feature of VC) is available in Lua too.

The only thing that’s missing is boilerplate magic Lua code so the internal variables’ get/set methods are wrapped up in tables in a nice way. This can hopefully be added soon too, if I’m not too busy.

When that’s caught up, on to shmuptroidvania work and cube man game.
See you next week, folks!

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