This is Bananattack.

Here are some various neat things that I personally had a hand in making!

  • vx (Verge eXtension) is an add-on (or perhaps even revamp) for the game engine, Verge.

    As of Verge 3.1, there are two scripting languages to pick from: VergeC (the old one), and Lua (the new one — Which the users affectionately call “LuaVerge”). They both basically work the same in terms of what features are built in and can be messed with, the only real difference is the syntax of the two.

    So basically vx takes the stuff in LuaVerge, which is procedural code, and sprinkles on some object orientation and other funky features. I documented the entire thing, in a very “code manual” sort of way, but I never got around to writing tutorials for it or anything. That said, it’s powerful and handy if you want to use Verge, but you want stuff to be more dynamic and less painful.

  • Mungo is a silly little data language that allows you to read/write information as simple bulleted lists in plaintext.

    Unlike XML, it’s not ugly.
    Unlike YAML it’s pretty damn easy to parse, and it doesn’t rely on indentation to determine meaning.
    Unlike JSON, and unlike most inline hashtable literals, it’s slightly more readable.

    I don’t know that anyone will actually use this besides me, but I had fun anyway. For any actual production-quality projects, that want something that can directly map to hashtables, I’d probably recommend JSON.

  • I made a permutation multiplier and a permutation conjugator, which are really of limited use unless you’re doing group theory probably, but whatever. I needed them! So enjoy.
  • I draw in my spare time, so these are a bunch random doodles, mostly for game artwork. Maybe later I’ll make an actual art gallery, but for now an index-of page works its magic.