This is Bananattack.

Heart is an action RPG kind of like Zelda or Secret of Mana. This game doesn’t actually have an ending sadly, but there’s wolves and snails to fight! And there’s awesome spell casting you can do. My actual role in this entry was rather minor, I was primarily a sound-effect finder, but I did add in the naming menu (which sadly doesn’t wrap the cursor grrr), and a bit of polish and bugfixes to the game.

Remarks: A zelda-like, awesome!
Genre: Action RPG
Credits: TomT64 (main code), Actionsketch (magic effects system), Troupe (music and character dialogue), Hyptosis (the very pretty artwork), Overkill (small jobs, sound effects)

Lexico is a puzzle game where you have to learn an alien language in order to navigate a labyrinthine factory and repair your spacecraft. This game was written for an Hours of Verge Contest in summer 2006.

Remarks: An excellent game, but very challenging. A few of the puzzles further in are nearly impossible.
Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Credits: SDHawk (project lead), Thrasher (coder, puzzle design), Drumstick (music), RMSephy (artwork), Overkill (polish/small jobs, sound effects)

Maximum Yak Maniac is a multiplayer game, where you and one friend (or you as both people) play as steroid-addicted yaks. The yaks have roid-rage issues, and start to eat buildings and balloons to get more steroids. If the yaks don’t have enough steroids in them, they die, so you need to keep eating needles to give yourself more time. The player who causes the most destruction before dying wins!

An entry made in a 24 hour game making duel against my housemate. The title is from the Video Game Name Generator.

Remarks: Surprisingly good for being made in under 24 hours!
Genre: multiplayer arcade
Credits: Overkill (code, art, game mechanics), mad (music)

Molasses Meow is a game about a neon blue cat, who is not-so-coincidentally named Molasses Meow! Molasses is on a quest to rescue candy from the Evil Candy Thieves.

It’s a fairly low-effort game, but it exercises a very eccentric cutesy pink art style. The colors of the game are neon-based, with outlines of creatures being brighter than the inside. This gives everything a neat glow.

The game is malicious from start to end. The game is a giant fetch quest. You have to navigate narrow mazes and passageways. Then you have to backtrack through pretty much every area. There are also situations may cause temporary loss of eyesight or epilespy. So be warned, this game can be fun only once you understand its evil.

The music is actually taken from the Quest for Colour, which I also made.

Remarks: Prepare your retinas for a truly pink experience.
Genre: Adventure
Credits: Overkill (art, code, maps, story, game), Troupe (for music from Quest for Colour)

In Monster Magnet Meow, our heroic blue cat Molasses Meow returns. This time, with magnets. It is your duty to use these magnets to save villagers from the evil yetis!

Made for the How About M competititon on verge-rpg. Fun, but short.

Remarks: Fun, but yetis get stuck a lot.
Genre: Puzzle
Credits: Overkill and Toen

Quest for Colour is a time-critical game, where you battle against the clock while the world gradually deteriorates into greyscale. You need to collect the three crystals: Red, Green, and Blue before the time runs out. You can also pick up Color Bits (that look like tiny colored dead pixels in the game) to extend your time, but you need to run!

It was my first ever competition game, and was made in high school, so I hope you can excuse the oddness of this entry.

I recently updated the tileset graphics, made the time limit visible, and enlarged the color bits so they’re easier to find.

Click here if you want to see the old version.

Remarks: Not for color-blind people. Interesting idea, but still needs way more than a facelift.
Genre: RPG (old version), Collect-stuff-adventure (new version)
Credits: Overkill (project lead), Zip (primary coder), Toen (fire map, code), Troupe (music)

Rubbish Rogue is a game featuring a garbage collector who meets a magical steam engine that animates otherwise useless garbage into a snakelike golem and fights things. This was also made for a competition while I was in high school. It’s a fairly silly game. Sadly the game never got finished. Zip was going to help, but I think he went on vacation halfway through.

Remarks: Mediocrity. It has a bunch of nice art, and a funny garbage man/pirate/ninja plot, but not really any point besides that.
Genre: RPG
Credits: Overkill (code, art, dialogue), Zip (absentee), UncleBen (music), Kildorf (pirate sprite), JohnTahu (Frobo Joe sprite).

Snowball is a sidescroller in which the player assumes the role of an elf with a vengeance!

Gameplay utilizes snowballs in clever ways. Roll snow around, making colossal snow boulders! Crush children under their massive weight! Use the snowballs as convenient platforms! Ride snowballs downhill for quick transport!

Temperature also has its role to play, as you can only make a snowball where it’s cold, and snowballs melt in the heat.

It was made for a Winter contest in 2005 hosted by TomT64.

Remarks: Very fun, but on the short side. Even by compo standards.
Genre: Sidescroller
Credits: Overkill (project lead, code, level design), Darien (artwork), Ustor (code), Actionsketch (code), Troupe (music)

Textshmup is a text-based shoot-em-up. If that’s hard to imagine, allow me to explain. Think of a text adventure, played on the console, but the scenario is constantly updating. You have obstacles to avoid and enemies to blast. Your situtation is narrated, and you type text commands to avoid things.

You constantly move forward, and need evade the hills and ceilings of the game’s endless cave, or die. As you fly along, you will encounter enemies, who need to be taken out quickly with lasers and missiles. You also need to manage your shields to charge your barrier and to protect your limited-health ship frame from damage.

Remarks: The frustation of a shmup, combined with the lack of visuals and text commands of a text adventure.
Genre: Text based shmup
Credits: Overkill (code), coda (Music)

Wing Blaster is a shmup that I coded in 1 hour for a contest called the “Crappy Games Explosion” compo, which I hosted (but unfortunately I lost the backup of the compo pages — if you have the competition entries saved to your hard drive message me immediately!). The music was composed by Troupe.

Remarks: A testament to my rapid prototyping skills!
Genre: Shmup
Credits: Overkill (code, enemies, levels), Darien (player ship sprite), Troupe (music)

You’re in a happy relationship, or were until recently. Lately, monstrous commitment issues have materialized in your life. It seems like the longer you think about it, the less in love you are. But somehow sitting together, smelling the flowers makes you forget all about the problems.

You need to renew your love, by embracing the simplicity of nature. Doing so, you overcome the monsters that stand before you. However, you don’t have much time. The longer you wait, the worse things feel.

Can you keep your love from falling to shambles? Time will tell.

Collect the flowers and fight the clock, in this cutesy love-game. Features a mix of EGA style art with MSDOS Code Page 437 style graphics.

Made as a 48h duel game against ForteDante, through random conversation on #tigirc.

Remarks: 48 hour games are weird.
Genre: Arcade
Credits: Overkill