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Yaks on steroids

Posted by Overkill on May 18, 2009 at 12:37 am under Uncategorized

So I didn’t remember to mention it, but, earlier this month, me and my housemate decided to make games in a little bit of a game making showdown. A horrible, horrible game showdown.

We had a few crazy rules for this competition, just to make things more interesting:

  • Our game had a random title was generated with the Video Game Name Generator. We each got 5 rolls. At each roll, you decided if you’d keep it or not. If you kept it, you stopped rolling. Otherwise, you decided you would not use that name, and took another roll (you couldn’t go back to old names).
  • Someone writes a theme or idea down on paper, and forces you to incorporate that into your game.
  • We had 24 hours to make the game.
  • No previously created code/art could be used (with the exception of code libraries, and premade fonts)
  • We had 30 minutes to brainstorm before the contest actually started, where we knew our idea and could plan, but couldn’t perform real work.

My friend made Advanced Battleship Mission.
He had to incorporate Cel-shaded Goats somehow.
His game is downloadable here.
You need to protect your battleship from submarines, with the help of your trusty cel-shaded goat advisor!

WASD = move
1 = sonar
2 = nukes
3 = mines
mouse = fire cannon.

I made Maximum Yak Maniac.
My friend was malicious and wrote down it had to be Multiplayer.
Here is what I came up with.
You (and a friend) are yaks with steroid addictions, and must out-do their opponent by having the most destructive roid-rage.

Controls: listed in game.

It was a fun competition, and we said we’d need to do another retarded contest again sometime.

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Ben McGraw on July 10, 2009 at 8:49 am (comment)

Six weeks? Really?


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