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Brockoly improvements.

Posted by Overkill on October 27, 2008 at 11:59 pm under Uncategorized

I don’t have much time to talk today, since I have less than 10 minutes until I fail Gruedorf. So I’ll make this quick.

This week, with the help of Kael and andy, I was able to axe some godawful ugly macros from Brockoly’s software blitter code. I turned Color (which was a typedef for unsigned int before) into an inlined first-class object with methods instead of a macro function that returned a Color through bitshifts. I made blending code into an inline interface that implements SoftwareBlender, and all software drawing code on Images now uses templates. This means things should run faster or at the very least be a hell of a lot tidier.

After hearing a voice of reason from Grue, I decided that making my own data language was silly considering that there are existing ones out there that are already much better supported.

Well, kind of. I decided I’d use JSON in my map/sprite/world/tileset formats, but the existing parsers in both C and C++ are really primitive and don’t really cater to someone who wants to load and then poke at the elements. They expect you to parse as you go. And then there were a bunch that looked promising but just plain didn’t compile, or ended up having stupid library dependencies like boost.

So I’m considering writing a JSON parser for next week. Gotta go!

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Gruedorf: New Years Resolution?

Posted by Overkill on October 20, 2008 at 6:00 pm under Uncategorized

So this is the second year into McGrue and Kildorf’s fearsome competition known as Gruedorf.

What did I do in a year? This list summarizes it pretty well:

  • I lost Gruedorf several several times.
  • I added new features to Verge 3, and fixed the new Lua side of the scripting
  • I was one of the first people to use LuaVerge in a project, though Kildorf was the first to post
  • I made a scripting improvement for LuaVerge called vx (which you can read about here). Basically like Verge with OOP and awesome. Ustor uses it in his space game!
  • I made a data language called Mungo, which was basically a human-readable replacement for plain-text file formats. Better than XML in some ways, because it doesn’t have annoying tags, it just has bulleted lists with colons. I use it in my own projects at any rate.
  • I worked on a sidescrolling Metroidvania game idea I had for a while, called Resonance, which you can view the work-in-progress for with an SVN client from:
  • I attempted to create my own file formats for maps, tilesets, and sprites. And also thought about a container format known as a “world” that basically joins up a bunch of maps seamlessly. Unfortunately the results of this were…
  • …I got frustrated with existing game engines to an extent, and decided to make my own game engine from scratch which I’ve called Brockoly for the time being. I’ve been developing it under both Windows and Linux. You can view the intermediate C++ source and current crappy demo from:
  • This website was formed (thanks to Grue and Zeromus for hosting). I updated this website a tad, with a few different layouts. It’s been through varying degrees of eyesore. I think it looks better, but it’s still got a while to go. Plus it looks pretty damn broken in older low res browsers. I need to rehost all my games here :/
  • I drew a bunch of random pixel art. I think I finally am starting to get the hang of spriting in ways I never did before!

Speaking of art, I never posted this here, but I’ve been making changes to Resonance’s protagonist sprite with the help of Pixelation (a site dedicated to learning and critiquing Pixel artwork):

Anyway, most recently, I’ve put in my sprite system. It can do all sorts of funky things so far, like custom frame dimension stuff, hotspot setting, custom animation strands, transparency, and sprite rotation. And it uses Mungo! Really, not especially impressive, but it’s a start.

Anyway, seeing as it’s a new year of Gruedorf, maybe some resolutions are in order. If they’re anything like typical resolutions made on New Year’s, they probably won’t be kept. But like New Years, I can sure try!

My resolution: To lose 450099030984534095 pounds to actually post more on Gruedorf. And to be less lame.

Sadly, with school my attention gets diverted a lot, and I am typically pretty busy. So I’d appreciate nagging and support to keep me posting more!

In fact, it was McGrue who was nagging me to post this week. You should nag me too!

Anyway, maybe year two of Gruedorf will fare a little nicer!

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