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Distorting Your Reality; Crotch Shots No Longer; A Plea for Creative Teammates

Posted by Overkill on March 9, 2008 at 2:03 am under Uncategorized

This week’s build adds a neato distortion effect and some small modifications.

Get it here.

This screenshot doesn’t do it justice, run the build to see it in action – much prettier when not captured in a still!

Anyways, this distortion effect allows me to add transitions for the player between different their appearances, and also add useful “in danger range” distortion for losing weapons (which I think will be paperdolled onto the player — in a way that it actually looks like the player’s gripping them though) or when close to death. I’m not sure how expensive this effect will be in game, but it splits each row of the sprite and scales it according to a shrinking distortion range, with a slight lucency fade for extra aesthetic points. If it turns out this effect is too expensive to put directly into my game, I’m sure nobody would mind much if I incorporated the routines into v3′s raw C++ internals.

I need to refactor my image splitting code a tad, since the distortion currently assumes a that the image that’s being split is never updated. So if the player were to ever change frames (when I actually have animations), this should affect the strips too. I’m thinking I might be able to get away with just one buffer 1xheight that’s blit on several times and scaled back to the screen, but that might be SLOWER? Who knows.

Oh! I also did another useful thing. Several people pointed out that my player was firing shots from his crotch. So I moved the firing location higher up on sprite. I still need to draw firing frames, jeez! I’m getting there. Art has just lost priority for a bit, since animation is a weakness of mine currently.

I’m looking for eager artists and musicians still! I have a few positions actually, and with it I’ll outline a few basic responsibilities:

Artists: you should be able to draw in a style matching the existing art so that if you decide you’re too busy I’m not stuck filling in and adjusting clashing artwork.
Musicians: Up to interpretation really. A lot of the music will probably be ambient electronica or post-rock. Boss/heated situation music might be a little more orchestral. Old-school chiptunes might be okay in some areas too, but I don’t exactly want to end up with a game comprised only of chirpy beeping and buzzing.
Level design (and for that matter general design): Having another hand in the level design makes my job easier, and populates the world with fun and creative gameplay. You’ll really have to run by me on this one, because if the maps suck, the game sucks, simply put. But if I have a level designer, I’ll get more drive to put in various game features and abilities as demanded. You’d also have some influence on the story, naturally. Cooperation with the artist and musician is highly required to ensure the game’s resources are adequately utilized.

If you know people who meet these criteria who might be interested, please please please get them in contact with me (or leave me info so I can talk to them). I’m relying on you to help me, because you can really help me pump out an awesome game much faster if I have resources at my disposal! I’ll want samples of their work unless I know them already, but this only sounds fair. Of course, this is entirely unpaid work. I’m a college student, I don’t have disposable income, so this is all a hobbyist’s plea for help. You will receive credit for your work and if in the very unlikely instance this game ever was released for profit, I’d make sure you guys received a profit. You at least get the merit of saying you helped Overkill accomplish something great.

Note that I’m not relinquishing my control from this game, but I think that having other team members could make this go much smoother. It reduces my burden in development, because I’m a busy guy, and makes the weekly updates more impressive and less likely to fail!

Love you guys tons.

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Pew pew pew!

Posted by Overkill on March 1, 2008 at 7:59 pm under Uncategorized

This week I refined the minimap system and the game’s weapon/bullet handling system.

The minimap is a lot less crappy. It scrolls with the camera and it uses slightly smaller map regions.

Get it here.

Made a Mungo file to store bullet information, called “bullet.mungo”. It makes specifying the similar bullet types made by a single attack much easier.

Lately, I’ve also been thinking some sort of “data inheritance” to Mungo might be useful if I reused this for other games:
* Fighter - name: ? - hp: ? - strength: ? - defense: ?
* Player < *Fighter
- name: Clyde
- hp: 100
- strength: 324
- defense: 112

(Note that this is an example, not actually implemented and it’s not for this game). Where < is an inheritance operator which takes a list delimiter and list item name to inherit from. It would let you get away without having to repeat specifying data in common with multiple things, and also to ensure that information is “implemented”.

Sorry, I have to write this in a hurry this week. But check it out! Weapon levels have new fancy bullets and the minimap looks cooler! Now I’m out. Laters.

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