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Magically Mandatory Mutterings to the Mundane Media

Posted by Overkill on January 12, 2008 at 11:07 pm under Uncategorized

Okay, so this week I didn’t really get much done. I got some progress on the art, but I absolutely refuse to release it until I’m solidly satisfied with the pixel work so far included with this project. School is posing an obstacle, as expected. Ugh, stupid education buggers. It’s like they’re trying to make me learn something here!

So this week’s update is pictureless and buildless. Supersorry. Forgive me, etc. I have other stuff on my mind, sadly. I have been thinking about my first area’s setting though and I think as long as I take it steadily, I can make a gorgeous and slightly atmospheric environment for this game. We’ll see though.

Love you and see you next time,


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Eyecandy is Made from Molasses

Posted by Overkill on January 5, 2008 at 11:10 pm under Uncategorized

Sloooow week.

I’ve been doing very, very tiny changes to the engine. I made an exporter for Mungo, and made it so the game will popup messages when you newly encounter abilities. Also, drew slightly nicer artwork. Updated the hero a bit to have a slightly nicer head, and a scarf, and some color enhancements. It actually mirrors well too, finally. Been drawing some other sprites too, but I’ll leave displaying them until I’m satisfied with how they look.

The grass was also given a tiny makeover for more enjoyable aesthetics. The grainy high contrast dirt was hard on my eyes, so I replaced it with transitioning the grass into darkness. Oh, and I added fancy-pants 60 degree angle hills for more landscape variation!

Here’s the updated tileset as it appears so far!

I’m thinking the water will need a redo, because it doesn’t look very pleasant at the moment and I’m not sure how to animate it without looking totally cheap (right now it just goes back and forth).

Oh, and I want to start on this underground mine cart level I had in mind sooner or later, cause that’ll be cool. That requires completely new landscape, with lots of dirt and wooden frames and railroad tracks! It’ll also need rideable carts and, I’ll need to make moveable beacons that can be loaded into the carts. Maybe drippy ceilings with puddles on the ground or even enemies! Cause that’s right, I have an awesome level idea in mind!

Here’s a game screenshot and stuff:

No build this week, since I’m running out of time and there isn’t really enough for it to be worth bragging about. I move back to school tomorrow morning so I can’t do the usual “get up early Sunday morning and slap together another more awesome Gruedorf” routine. Yeah, so I need your encouragement, folks! I don’t want to drop my progress just cause I’ll have a social life and school work to do again. Well, gotta run. Enjoy.

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