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Posted by Overkill on December 30, 2007 at 1:18 pm under Uncategorized

(Whew, it’s somewhat hard to come up with titles with sequential ordering on each word’s first letter. THE AMPERSAND’S A SYMBOL NOT A WORD, SO I DIDN’T BREAK MY SEQUENCE NEENER NEENER.)

Lots of headway made during this holiday week. Get it here.

I basically decided to not use the verge entity system because it’s incredibly slow for some reason in LuaVerge even with raw bindings, which means something’s wrong. Also, there are some special sprite information things that can’t be easily linked to chr files. So I made my own custom sprite format in LuaVerge, which I like to think is somewhat better (what with custom animations and some other things).

My .sprite format uses Mungo, a simplistic data association language I invented on Christmas Eve, which is easy to write, making it mostly painless to edit a sprite file! It’s a lot simpler than, say, XML (for writing and especially parsing), or YAML (for parsing, and also sometimes for writing), or most language builtin ways of structuring hash tables/dictionaries. The only real pain is having to figure out each frame’s width and height manually, but you sort of had to do that anyways to use a CHRMAK file. I might try and come up with an auto detection thing at some point.

Using Mungo again, I placed in a simple ability system format, automating the projectile shooting and animation scripts for weapons a bit. I noticed that Mungo slightly suffers at doing numeric lists of items, I might try and fix that, or at least allow the parsers to convert numeric strings into numbers, to make for simpler use with Lua’s ipairs() method.

I also made a minimap generation system. It’s pretty simple really. It checks each screen region of the active map, and if the outer edges are obstructions, it places wall markers for those. If the inner chunk of the screen is fully obstructed, then that particular screen region is obstructed and won’t be displayed on the minimap. Then I added the typical Metroidvania map panel discovery thing, where only visited screens appear marked on the map. Eventually, I need to crop the minimap to show only the room close to the player’s position, but whatever, tiny details.

Oh yeah, and I actually associated the beacon system with the ability system! Which is cool. Because now you can watch as things level/delevel from your proximity, and can actually do stuff with abilities. It’s good! So yeah, now the Z key actually actually shoots stuff rather than just making sounds! The beacons in this demo are just demonstrative of course, and have much shorter broadcast range than what I actually have in mind for a completed version of the game.

That’s this week’s Gruedorf! Look forward to more next week (hopefully).

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Notably Negligible Nonsense

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Here’s this week’s update for Resonance.

Full with an incomplete jumping frame, cheap looking idle stance! I also separated the box drawing routines from the textbox code, allowing me to reuse the box style in other UI elements. Oh, and I messed around with sfxr a tad and made a few sound effects, only about two of which are included. Press Z to hear an explosive sound effect, and jump around to hear a stupid thump sound! I swear that soon, I’ll put in the ability system and you’ll be able to shoot/attack stuff! ;_;

Okay, this week was completely lame. I don’t even know why, because I’ve had copious amounts of spare time! Must just be me. D:

STOP YOUR ALMOST FAILURE, OVK, AND DO SOMETHING COOL FOR ONCE. Please nag me to start making games again to ensure I don’t get distracted with pointless Christmas stuff this week! Okay?

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Resurrected with another name.

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After being pushed into a state of loseitude for two weeks by exams and all-nighters on school work, I have been clawing my way out of the inactivity abyss. On my way up, I thought fervently about a better title for Signal.

I decided that Resonance was a more fitting title, but I’ll probably change that again as I make more progress.

I’ve also come up with a semi-interesting way to do Resonance’s story. The main player is typical person, no real special powers or something. Then he and a few allies are assaulted by some monster thing. The player defeats it, but then an explosion occurs which propels an antenna tower into him, pinning him to a transformer, and impaling him and destroying him entirely. Several communications towers across the world no longer “work” after this.

The player is somehow given a second chance to live as a magical electrical field thing that has the deceased hero’s form. He initially gains an armored suit in order to disguise his appeareance because he is, by all human accounts, dead. The player is only kept alive by being in close proximity to at least one beacon (that is “broken” by human standards because they no longer transmit communications – but resonate with our player) AND a finite “health” meter.

Initially, things like metallic objects and thunderstorms, adveresly impact the hero by forcibly pulling him along them and getting damaged upon reaching an end. Thunderstorms would displace the player and be near-lethal. Stuff like maybe railroad tracks would “teleport” the player all the way to the other end of the track. Later on, these things will have no effect on the player, but initially, it would help to constrain the player’s exploration in order to teach them some things about the gameplay and it could also make for some interesting story sequences!

The player is motivated by a mixture of causes, but prevailingly a desire to return to natural human form and to explore the scientific mystery they’ve become. Eventually, the player will be capable of returning to their initial human state, but things won’t be the way they were, people will move on, and the player will realize essentially how weak they are outside of their “resonant” form.

In addition, various nit-picky art fixes were made, and I’m still not satisfied. But I may as well just move on for now and animate the damn thing:

Lastly, I made a textbox! A very sexy textbox. Check it out:

Here’s this week’s build, so you can see it in action, and most importantly, hear the really horrible punchline!

Now I’m off. Look forward to more posts hopefully, because the holidays are typically rather boring. Das ist alles.

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