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Posted by Overkill on November 25, 2007 at 11:35 am under Uncategorized

This week I decided to invest time in the artwork. It was exciting to draw these sprites, and I plan on making more.

To summarize the picture, I made a new hero sprite, a tree monster thing, a crow/oversized black bird, a pea shooter weapon, a sketch of the signal beacon, and a silly and excessively bloody death scribble. I had a busy school week once again, but I think the artwork is still sizable progress, taking that into account. There is no new build yet, but eventually I’m gonna add the art to the game and, well, actually make progress on level designs.

Progress might be going slowly, but I have a lifetime to make it. I have no plans to drop the project at the moment. To my adversaries and you nemesissies, you will fall by my hands! …Just wait a couple years! ;_;

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Another Crappy Week

Posted by Overkill on November 18, 2007 at 2:08 pm under Uncategorized

This week I was busy again, but I still made an update. Arguably the worst update that will ever be made during this contest! I uhm, imported some more of my art into the build. And temporarily using Darien’s spaceman-hero sprite to give me an idea of how well it stands out on the game background. I’m still debating between redrawing my sprite all over again, using my flat simplistic sprite as a base, or using Darien’s edit as a base. Anyway, here, look, it’s pretty much the same, but with slightly prettier artwork in the unfinished map!

Get it here!

Yeah, so exciting, right? Okay, see you next week. If this week doesn’t murder me with school work, I will certainly invest more time into coherent updates. Maybe exam time in two weeks might give me the break I need. Who knows?

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New Layout

Posted by Overkill on November 12, 2007 at 7:26 pm under Uncategorized

I was bored, so I made my own WordPress template. This was actually one of the reasons I didn’t get any actual Gruedorf stuff done. It was very painful, because WordPress’s API is quite hideous, and on top that, the example template I was using had atrocious PHP (even more abyssmal than normal). But I eventually got it. I think it looks moderately okay. There still some tiny, mostly-trivial tweaks needed. For instance, the image zoom functionality gets cropped by the rounded boxes, and there are images that need to be associated with a no_zoom class. I think some fashion of logo might be in order, too, but I need time to construct it.

I hope that you will delight in this new layout. Now I really should try and get more Gruedorf accomplished. Auf Wiedersehen.


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Posted by Overkill on November 11, 2007 at 3:01 pm under Uncategorized

Help me, I’m becoming lazy again! I will not allow myself to lose yet, though! This post is utter crap, I wrote it in a rushed 20 minutes before the deadline, so bear with me. I have been trying to come up with some various ideas for weapon and ability designs, because it has occurred to me that in order to make somebody care about my game, there needs to be awesome abilities, not just a bizarre ability system where the player’s powers increase or diminish based on signal reception and interference.

I apologize, because I have been procastinating heavily and I am having trouble coming with ideas in about half-an-hour before the deadline, but I open the floor to discussion on weapons and ability suggestions.

These things need to be able to incrementally upgrade as signal strength gets higher, level 1 being the lowest, weakest power (furthest from broadcast point), and level 4 being the highest, godly power (closest to beacon).

This week I will not post a new build, because I have yet to make any notable changes since last entry. I was busy studying for midterms during the week, and busy with social life during the weekend. Regrettable, I know, and I am dreadfully sorry.

Okay, quick, quick, ideas for weapons. Firstly, I was thinking some sort of weapon that creates a slightly-damaging electrical vortex of sorts that attaches to a target and sucks nearby, moderately sized enemies into it. When you have greater signal strength, perhaps you get a bigger charge that explodes into several small chaotic vortexes. I was thinking this could have various puzzle uses, and in combat could be used to keep enemies from swarming you. Maybe it could also be used to pull the player over difficult ledges by chaining the attack in higher signal strengths, in areas where the player’s suit is strong enough to shield them from the electrical discharge.

Nifty weapons are essential, no doubts, but there will need to be some sort conventional pea-shooter weapon, just so that there is some moderate comfort in regular fighting. But I need to give the pea shooter some sort of twist, so it isn’t some generic energy blaster. It needs to be awesome, yet still conventional in use.

Oh crap almost out of time, so I’m just going to leave it at that. I really hope that this next week will yield better results. In the meantime, this half-assed quickly written post will have to suffice. Thanks. I look forward to hearing your suggestions, if you would care to share any. I can’t promise I’ll use them, but I will appreciate the suggestions in order to prod my creativity again. That is all for now.

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Repentance to my Gruedorf Deities

Posted by Overkill on November 4, 2007 at 3:08 pm under Uncategorized

Yes, yes, I get it. I failed. So hard that you’ve found the need to invent new words to describe it! I am an intense disappointment and I apologize for creating this depressing vortex of not-making-games suck.

I’ve been a horrible combination of busy and lazy. School work and stuff keeps me bogged down, and then my friends keep wanting to do things. Help me ruin my life so I can have free time to make games again! Much appreciated.

At any rate, a small return to progress is being made. I’ve discovered a few bugs with the LuaVerge v3 namespace I wrote, through further development. Support for joystick wrapping has been added. In the signal namespace, I created a “multijoystick” that polls all joysticks connected at once and treats them as a single joystick, and a button wrapper that allows an game action to be associated with both a keyboard and joystick binding simultaniously.

I added a really cheap placeholder beacon transmitter entity type, which is used to calculate the player’s signal strength when the beacon is on-map. Here’s a picture of this in action, not exciting looking at all really, I can assure you:

Get it here, but don’t expect to be amazed in even the slightest way, unless you want to try out the relatively non-exciting joystick input crap or something!

Anyway, back to talking about the beacon entity stuff, I quickly saw they had huge overhead when I was getting about 30fps with only ten signal beacons placed. It turns out the big bottleneck was caused by accessing entity properties from the v3 wrapper. Each reference to self.ent.hotspot_width and self.ent.hotspot_height hurt the performance drastically, because of the amount of magic lookups being done, both v3-namespace side and raw LuaVerge-side.

LuaVerge wraps entities in nested lookup tables that transform all that crap into a native C++ function call, one table being the index, another being the entity’s property (like hotw and hoth). Let’s not forget the global table entry for “entity”, either. On top of these things, I insert even more overhead by creating classes with properties through Lua-side. hot_height is a property that contains a _get(self) function, which returns entity.hoth[self.index]. All the table searching stacks up! So I got around this by storing the hot_height and hot_width locally in signal’s entity extension, which is reasonable considering these things won’t change once the entity is created (unless ChangeCHR() is called). Uhm, there’s some refactoring that needs to be done at any rate. I will hopefully be able to cut the slowdown for most of the read-only entity variables. Things like entity x/y, will still incur an overhead because they need to be writable.

Anyway, there’s my progress and stuff. That wasn’t very exciting was it? See you again soon. I am announcing my return to Gruedorf, and escape from shameville.

Next time, I hope to maybe get all the art drawn so-far actually in game. Then I’ll worry about animating and fixing it all. (Oh by the way, that 255 entity limit in Verge? It’s just silly. I really want to remove that.)

This site really needs a facelift, too. The temporary copypasta mash together until it works and then go back and make it somewhat presentable yet still ugly and apalling and I really could have just made a nicer layout of my own from scratch if I wasn’t too damned lazy in the first place template thing just isn’t doing it for me, and I also want to tie in some non-blog areas to the site, so if in the highly unlikely event I have a lot of free time and I’m feeling adventurous and creative, I might fix it.

Now I need to depart, it is time for me to complete a homework assignment that’s due at 11:55 pm today. Thanks for reading words and stuff!

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